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Ladies and The Trap is a professional rescue group for lost dogs. We use research-based strategies and practices to safely locate and retrieve dogs. Our team is passionate about helping animals and dedicated to getting them back to safety & reunited with their families.

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What We Do

We utilize and recommend proven strategies that can be all the difference in locating and safely retrieving a lost dog, including luring, tracking, and sometimes humanely trapping.

Many dogs, upon realizing they are lost, behaviorally go into what we call survival mode. They are incredibly stressed and usually very scared. They quickly begin to stop responding as they normally would and instead begin to react in fear.

They are too scared to come near anyone and often hide out, ignoring calls and whistles and bolting from anyone that notices them. Every noise and person is now a threat and they are just trying to survive.

All of this can make a lost dog very difficult to locate and catch. Our team specializes in getting dogs like these back to safety.


Please visit our Resources page for lost animal resources.

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Ladies and The Trap

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Want to support our cause? Thank you! We cannot do what we do without the support of our amazing community!

While your financial gift is not tax deductible, it is incredibly appreciated. Every penny goes towards the operating costs of providing our professional services to help get animals to safety and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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